Holistic And Complementary Practices To Try With Your Partner 

The amount of stress experienced in today’s world is unparalleled. There are diseases that even the most advanced medical technology cannot address. As such, there is a resurgence for holistic and complementary healing practices to address these medical concerns.  


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Romantic relationships are not spared from these stresses. There are even some relationships that are more prone to having these stresses because of their nature of work and personality quirks.  


What Is Holistic Healing?  

Holistic healing focuses on the entirety of the person. Every person is made up of interconnected parts: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Each person should be able to achieve a balance between these interlinked parts to be genuinely healthy. Real health is translated to optimal well-being.  


If a person is experiencing health issues, there is an imbalance between and among these parts. A thorough examination of the person’s emotions, mental state, and physical state should be conducted to address a single health condition.  


Aside from bringing happiness and romance, your romantic partner can also be your partner in health. Moreover, if you want to relieve some aches and pains while bonding with your loved one, here is a list of holistic and complementary practices you can try out.  



Reiki is a holistic healing practice originating from Japan. This method uses your own, or another’s life energies to heal maladies. The good thing about using Reiki is that it can be used together with Western medical practices for optimal health.  


You and your partner can take turns in helping each other stay healthy through Reiki.  



Acupuncture follows your body’s natural pressure points to bring about relief from pains. Acupuncture is highly recommended for back pains, headaches, and knee pains.  


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What is interesting about acupuncture is that it uses specialized needles pierced through the skin. Don’t worry about the needles! Acupuncture as a holistic practice has limited side effects. Moreover, it is used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years already.  


Look for certified practitioners within the area. The National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine is the one providing diplomas to accredited practitioners. Seek this certification before any session. You will be assured that you will be in good hands.  


If you are interested in bringing this practice to your home, you and your partner can study acupuncture together. After getting certified, you can take turns in alleviating each other’s back pains and recurring headaches.  



Anyone can quickly learn reflexology. Reflexology focuses on pressure points on a person’s hands and feet. A person’s internal organs and systems are connected to nerves found on the hands and feet.  


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Reflexology is widely used in Eastern medicine and can help in a wide array of ailments. Also, the oils used in reflexology can bring relaxation and stress relief. You and your partner can try learning reflexology to relieve your pain. It will also increase your bonding time.  


Holistic healing is for everyone. Every person has an innate power to bring about healing for self and others. It is not just another belief. There are even doctors and scientists who believe in holistic healing.