Leave Your Stress Behind

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The 2019 Stress Counseling Symposium improved my knowledge on how to handle people with this condition. It was centered on kids, but it is also applicable to all. I mean, mild stress is normal. Everybody is bound to be stressed at least once a month, and it is fine; as long as the stress is just mild, it will produce good results for the person, and he can overcome it as soon as the outcome of that stress is positive. An example of that is being stressed at work because there is a deadline. This is a normal stress. The problematic stress is when a person is experiencing stressful moments, even if there is no need to be stressed, and that I happen regularly. This is a huge problem.

Now, if you know a person with this type of condition, then that person must seek the guidance of a mental health counselor. Severe stress, even moderate stress, must not be overlooked. Mild stress is fine as long as it is taken in and coped with by doing natural ways. Natural ways may include meditation, breathing techniques, yoga, art like drawing, coloring, painting and more, crafts like crocheting, knitting, sewing, and the likes, DIY stuff like making home remedies, skincare products, etc., singing, dancing, walking, running, jogging, reading, and many more types of activities. There is no specific way to cope with stress. Whatever works for you that alleviates it and makes you feel better is good. If cooking or planting makes you feel better and less like Cruella Deville, then do it.

Source: pexels.com

Some people, though, need to cope with their severe stress with the help of medicine and mental health therapist. There are times when the stress is so overwhelming that it creates issues like anxiety or depression. I know someone who cannot breathe properly because of stress. He didn’t even have asthma or respiratory issues. That person was just so overly stressed out, and his mind processed that he cannot breathe. I also met with a person who was always so angry at everything only to find out that he was stressed at work, overly to be specific, and that he needed a change of environment.

So, if it is overwhelming you and you cannot function properly, stress counseling is the first aid. You need it.