Looking At The Lockdown In A Positive Light

Understanding your panic attacks during this lockdown is not too challenging. As you watch or read the news regarding the coronavirus outbreak, only an emotionless person may not feel even a little scared about it. Nothing about the rising death toll or the steady spread of the virus is normal, after all. Many experts compare what we are going through to the 1918 pandemic, and it does not seem incorrect at all. Thousands of people die every day, and no one can cure COVID-19 at the time of writing this blog.

Regardless of how understandable your emotions are, though, perhaps it is time for you to calm down. Allow me to present a few positive facts about this COVID-19 lockdown that may ease your anxiety.

We Are Safe

The governors in the states where there are many positive cases of COVID-19 have ordered everyone to stay at home indefinitely. No one can party or go to work (unless you are a front-line worker). If you need to go out, it should only be for buying groceries or medication. Other states have been locked down, which means that people from different places cannot enter as quickly as before. If anyone insists, they will need to do 14-day isolation to ensure that they do not carry the coronavirus.

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Are these protocols drastic? Maybe. But there is no other way to keep everyone safe. And we are safe because we no longer leave the house and possibly bump into strangers who may have the virus.

We Can Tighten Our Familial Bonds

Considering you have always worked so hard, to the extent that you have not seen your kids grow up, you can now make up for the lost time. The kids do not need to go to school; you and your wife may be working from home, too. Instead of dwelling on negative thoughts about the coronavirus, focus on improving your relationship with your entire family.

You may start by hosting an indoor game that everyone loves, such as board games, charades, etc. The goal is to show your loved ones that you are present and that you want to bond with them. It will also be fantastic if you can cook, clean, and do other things as a unit.

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We Can Care For Ourselves

The lockdown is a blessing in disguise for individuals who have not taken a vacation in months. You can sleep for as many hours as you need to feel alive again. You can DIY manicure and pedicure if that makes you happy.

Self-care is one of the essential things that we often forget or take for granted when we are busy. Yes, we make a lot of money in the process, but we tend to fall apart little by little. If the lack of self-care continues, we may end up requiring hospitalization due to fatigue and other stress-related conditions.

We Don’t Need To Dress Up

As a working adult, you probably know how vital it is to look presentable whenever you leave the house. That is especially true if you are in the corporate or fashion world, and people will judge you based on your appearance. But because the quarantine has forced businesses to make employees work from home, you don’t need to dress up anymore.

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This change may be small, but it can have a significant effect on your mental health. Imagine, you can do your job in your PJs. You don’t have to get up earlier than everyone to put on makeup and drive to work. Even if it is only temporary, the fact that you need not comply with social norms or dress codes can be a rewarding experience that you can cherish forever.

Final Thoughts

You see, the lockdown does not seem so bad. You cannot hang out with your friends—that’s true. Your schedule for the next few months may have been derailed—that’s also true. However, those things are not as important as your safety, mental health, and family.

Don’t break the quarantine rules, okay?