Stress And Suicide


In the 2018 Stress Counseling Symposium, which I actively attended, they did not only talk about stress and those common mental health issues like depression or anxiety. They addressed issues of self-harm and suicide brought about by extreme stress, major depression, and high levels of anxiety. It is a fact.

People who are super stressed out in a chronic manner, those who are depressed for more than two weeks straight and cannot cope with it, or those with fears and worries that won’t seem to dissipate are prone to suicidal thoughts. They would rather die than feel all those ill emotions that just won’t stop.

A study by the World Health Organization revealed that more than 700,000 people die each year by their own hand. The numbers are rising annually, and this is very alarming. It only means that every forty seconds, a person commits suicide. But why? The reasons are varying. Some take their own life because of love and similar causes. Others do it due to career disappointments or from getting fired. Some people commit suicide because they cannot handle their life stressors. It can be a significant or valid reason for some, but others do it for very tiny matters. Life is precious. Suicide must never be an option.

WHO also revealed that for every person who commits suicide, twenty people attempt to do it but are not successful. The same reasons brew in their heads – I am at the end of the line, and no one can help me. This is the general thinking. But is it really too late? Are they really unhelpable?


First things first. Suicidal people often start as those who are stressed. So, if you feel that your stress is getting out of hand, do not ignore it. Try natural ways to cope with it like talking to a friend or a loved one who will comfort you, or simple breathing techniques. Some people exercise to feel better or take a walk to relieve stress. You have to do whatever you can to alleviate that stress from your system. If it seems impossible, then some certified specialists can assist you readily. Do not ever lose hope. Everything has a solution.