Things I Wish I Knew Before Becoming One Of The New Yorkers

Is New York one of your most dreamed destinations? Do you visualize yourself of becoming one of the New Yorkers? Have you ever considered living in the city? Well, I have to mind you. The place can be both good for an opportunity and a nightmare for others to live in. But either way, you will still learn a lot about the area and how the people contribute to it. The place can give you a lot of memories and a lot of anxiety and depression as well. Like me, there are things I wish I knew before living in New York City.


The Nightlife Distractions Are Unbelievable

For the entirety of my NYC experience, I realized that almost 80% of the people love going out. It is something that anyone can quickly discover once they happen to live in the place even for a short period. There are hundreds of bars and clubs that seem to become part of the people’s visiting routine. There are free events and happy hours that is entirely overwhelming, and it causes a distraction. There’s too much partying that somehow influences an individual to forget his reason for moving in the city.

Rents Are Incredibly Insane

You’re lucky to spend $2,000 a month in a two-bedroom apartment in New York. But if you try and search for options, you can have a double or even triple the price for the same space. That’s ridiculously shocking and inconvenient. But, you wouldn’t have much choice unless you spend a couple of days, weeks, and months looking for the one that suits your budget. Moving in the city is extremely expensive, and sometimes rent can go up in an incredible amount every single year. I’d say you’d have to learn how to negotiate better.


There’s Consistency On The Busy Streets

New York is the place of opportunities; that’s why the people in it never stop working. Perhaps that’s because the life out there seems pretty hectic. The ten block radius surrounding your apartment in NYC contains everything you need. There are restaurants and bars in a few blocks. You can also quickly get what you need from the convenience store right up in the corner as well. There are tons of establishments around the corner that cater to all your needs.

There’s Very Little Privacy

Living in New York means you have to accept the fact that you will have a minimal amount of privacy. That’s because all the apartments in the city are stacked up to each other. Therefore, you’re going to hear your neighbors, and there are always a lot of people that walk all hours. It’s not often a bad thing, and some individuals aren’t going to like that, but might. As for my experience, there are people I met who jumped into a conversation with me and my friend. At first, I didn’t like it. But the consistency of the scenario somehow made me accept it that way.

Relationships Are Hard To Maintain

The reason why it seems difficult to maintain a relationship with people in NYC is they tend to live in the place for a short period. Usually, they stay in the city due to a job, an internship, school, and even to change their usual pace. Well, I’m not saying that it’s difficult to make friends. However, I can count the number of people I have kept in a relationship within the place. So even if there are thousands of individuals that I meet every single day, only a few of them stays part of my life.


People Don’t Care At All

Believe it or not, NYC triggers anxiety or depression or whatever it is that you have mentally. That’s because the full and busy place can become too silent at some point. People don’t care about everything you do because they only want to focus on minding their business. For me, it is something I see as an uncomfortable thing about New York. Individuals are too adamant to see others as part of their lives. I’d say it’s the saddest thing about the place.

Though these things on the list might seem to be undesirable, I’ll still consider living in NYC. I have to explore the city more and expand my horizon, so there’s not much reason to leave.