Tips On Mental Health Improvement Amid The Pandemic

Tips On Mental Health Improvement Amidst The Pandemic

The entire world is in utter disarray now because of the novel coronavirus plaguing almost all countries. As the virus started to infect millions of people, the World Health Organization imposed health restrictions. Each country began to adjust to the so-called “new normal” that aims to reduce infection and slow down the spread of the virus.

Many cities needed to undergo quarantine and lockdown, some of which are still in effect today. Due to these restrictions in movement, economies are severely affected. Some businesses shut down, schools closed, and the once lively streets are now silent and empty. Only the health sector remains actively occupied with the unfortunate situation brought about by the pandemic. 


People have been staying at home for months now. The new normal has affected both the education and the work, which now happen at home through the internet. Safety measures are now in place to protect the physical health of everyone.

As much as possible, people should limit their trips to work and essential chores such as stocking up of groceries. Since social gatherings and meet-ups are not allowed, family and friends hardly see each other.

Regular social activities have been an integral part of our lives. That is why these new changes are mentally challenging and stressful for many. Here are a few tips on improving your psychological well-being while in the middle of a crisis.

  • Find An Available Therapist Online

If you have a mental disorder, see to it to continue to seek professional help despite the pandemic. In this digital age, the internet offers the convenience of finding hundreds of opportunities online, including therapies.

Given the current situation, a hospital trip may do you more harm than good; that’s why you can have teletherapy instead. Even before, many physicians and therapists adapted the online platform for easier access. But with the pandemic, teletherapy has become handier for all. 

  • Be Physically Active

Plenty of studies have already proven the benefits that physical activity brings. People who are more physically active are healthier, stronger, and happier. Such activities include any form of exercise like walking, running, and jogging, or playing sports. Physical activities are useful in rehabilitation programs, so they undoubtedly improve the quality of life.

Just because your city is under lockdown doesn’t mean that you should not get out of your bed anymore. Movements outside may be currently limited, but there are online workouts that you can do indoors and in the comforts of your home. There are instructional videos that you can do even for just 10 minutes a day and are easy to follow.

  • Only Believe Reputable Sources Of Information

While the internet does bring you opportunities and privileges at your comfort, it can also fuel anxiety and further distress. Fake news and scams remain rampant online. With the outbreak still at large, it is best that you only rely on legitimate sources of news, information, and data.

This way, you will be updated with the newest health guidelines, latest information about the virus, and necessary restriction announcements particularly if your city is on lockdown. Managing what you follow can also help avoid speculations that may cause panic or hysteria, not just to you, but also to everyone else around you.

  • Discover New Hobbies

Since you cannot go out because of restrictions, why not try to enhance new skills to make the most out of your time. Perhaps there is a language that you have been dying to learn or a skill that you have always wanted to try such as baking.

These hobbies could take unpleasant thoughts or things out of your mind while also giving you a sense of fulfillment. They could also serve as a great motivation to get out of bed and conquer a brand new day.

  • Eat Healthy Meals

No one knows how long the lockdown will occur, so it is better not to rely on fast food delivered at your doorstep. Staying at home gives you the chance to cook and prepare nutritious meals. If you do not know how to, then you have plenty of time to learn. There are over a million recipes you can choose from online.

A Friendly Reminder


It is unfortunate that we are experiencing a global pandemic right now. We are going under an already taxing and frustrating process, and the battle will only end once a vaccine is available. In the meantime, you should put significance in your mental health by taking care of it.

It is a challenging time for everyone, so do not be too hard on yourself. If you feel idle and futile while the whole world is a mess, it is okay. Everyone responds to stress differently. At your own pace, in your own time. The world, including you, will heal once again.